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Staff Denim Artisans: “The hands power”

Art is the product of a brain that thinks and the hands that create. For many millenniums humanity has produced all their necessities through this system. The artisan mold through his hands from his creative soul to the material he has to transform.

Every crafted piece is unique, the use of their hands has guaranteed until now most men to express in their craft their own talent, to access profit through the sacred process of their work and therefore protecting their own social dignity. Work done by hand has a timing and a rhythm in perfect harmony with the time nature needs to regenerate its own resources, in this way the artisan’s work and products are eco-sustainable.

Manual work requires attention, deep knowhow and respect of the materials and the crafting processes so that the original idea can transform into reality according to the rules of art. Art intended as the qualitative peak of a craft, is the best expression of life and the existential mission of a man. The hands are the instrument and the strength through which art is manifested.

Staff with “The Hands Power” project, want to make a tribute to the work and power of the hands and to the possibility that this way of working it gives us a chance to love and care more about the objects that we create.